Enjoy the convenience of Easy Installment now available

We always offer different payment methods and installment to make the shopping experience in Ezone distinct and unique Whatever payment method is convenient for you, you will find it here.

Banks installment

Banks installment:

  • The installment amount should start from 500 pounds
  • Installment periods start from 3 months and reach 36 months
  • Starting from more than 3 months, interest is applied to the installment amount according to the interest of each bank

valu installment

valU Installment:

  • Download the application on your mobile, log in, and the application will show you all the required details and papers. Customers will appear on the application on the last page when registering, all the required documents
  • 2- Enter the job data, work address, net monthly salary, nature of bank transactions, type of housing (rent – ownership), and duration of residence at the current address, then update your photo on the application
  • 3- Installment Payment Methods
  • You can pay through the application using credit cards or through Fawry, Masary, Aman, SADAD, and 5% administrative fees are paid to valu


*How can I use valU?

  • Register a new account, write your data, submit the required documents, and activate your account
    Enter valU, choose the product, click on valU, and type the mobile number registered in your account in valU. You will receive a message with a passcode. If you want to pay any down payment, you can choose it from the list, and choose the appropriate installment period for you, and then the purchase process will be completed.

Pay with Sympl:

  • Through any bank card, whether credit card or salary card, or debit card and choose the appropriate payment plan for you and pay in advance if you want
  • Enter your mobile number and pay the service fee
  • Do confirmation to complete the purchase process and review the dates of your payments
  • There is payment in 3, 4, or 5 installments and the duration is up to 5 months


You can now shop for our products and pay later with these payment methods. Feel free to contact us anytime for any inquiries.