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KINGONE K5 Speaker Portable Bluetooth Super Bass With Touch Control

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Overview :

Who says Bigger is Better??? Monstrous “Kingone K5” has changed the myth. Crystal clear quality music with unbelievable VOLUME. Perfect hearing experience with 2.0 stereo speakers with dual NdfeB drivers and passive radiators, delivers full mid frequencies, clear high frequencies and amazing low frequency sounds. A real value for money product as this can easily beat products which are at least three times its cost. 

750.00 LE
SKU: 1214900845

Description :

Enjoy your favorite music directly through Bluetooth, AUX cable or Micro SD TF card. Have intelligent voice prompt in both English and Chinese. Ideal companion for iPhone’s, Smartphone’s, iPad’s and Laptop’s (gives excellent audio output when you are enjoying your music or movies in your own comfort). Once connected with mobile phone through Bluetooth, works as an extended speaker phone too. 

Auto answer calls function, press and hold the MODE button to turn on/off this function. When phone is connected with K5 and this function is on, calls will be auto answered after 3 seconds. It frees your hands completely. Excellent device for corporate customers where it can be used for conference calls. Music automatically stops when calls comes and starts again when the call ends. Can be easily carried in your bag when travelling.

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