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Mini music Box C-340

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Overview :

Bluetooth Column (column-bag, box) Mini Music Box C -340 is suitable for home gatherings, trips, as well as long trips.

The presence of 2 excellent 4W speakers will provide clarity, contrast and, most importantly, the volume of your favorite radio stations or songs.

Bright colors, variations in shades will help everyone to choose the color for themselves, and a simple appearance and design will make a portable bluetooth speaker a good gift for everyone.

290.00 LE
SKU: -193327725

Description :

Want to connect the Mini Music Box C- 340  to your smartphone and listen to music from it? No problem. Do you need to connect any other media to the speaker that uses the USB output, MicroSD? Easily!

Bluetooth, wired connection via 3.5 mm TRS jack - all this can be cranked up without any hassle.Treat yourself to a stylish accessory that will at the same time become the best functional item in your home. Make a present for yourself and your loved ones.

Connection type: wired, bluetooth

Working range: up to 10 meters

Work with one battery charge: up to 5 hours

Hands-free function: Yes

FM radio: Yes

AUX Input: Yes

Micro USB for charging: Yes

Compatibility: with IOS / Android

Play MicroSD Card, USB Drive: Yes

Built-in microphone: Yes

Weight: 0.490 kg

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