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Remax OTG USB 3.0 / USB--C

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Overview :

Type C adapter for your smartphone or laptop to USB 3.0. With this, you canconnect your smartphone or laptop with a PC or Laptop and Flashdisk. USB OTG Type C has a very fast transfer rate up to 500MB / s. Youdo not need to install drivers and other software. Simply plug thisadapter and can be directly used . This converter is compatible with alldevices that have a USB port Type C  3.0 USB.

90.00 LE
SKU: -857246495

Description :

Compatible with all devices that have a USB port Type C / below or above 3.0 USB.

       Support positive and negative plug-gable

       Quality shell fire shatterproof

       Convenient and fast

       Faster and more stable

       Most output current:3.0A Max

       The fastest transfer rate:500MB/S

       Change phone U disk quickly

       Connector Type: USB Type C (Male) to USB 3.0 Type A (Female)

       Supports data transfer rate at speeds of up to 5Gbps and up to 15W (5V/3A) power output

       Compatible with USB 1.1/2.1/3.1 interface device

       Reversible USB Type-C connector allows you to connect the adapter into your device in any direction

       USB3.0 transfer rates up to 5 Gbps. Offer rapid response when transferring large files

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