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WiFi DIY Smart Switches 4CH R2

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Overview :

Both are made to control up to 4 different devices remotely. Compared with 4CHR2, there are extra features including self-inching, interlock, inching mode and RM433 control for 4CHPROR2

500.00 LE
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Description :

Take Control, Independently & RemotelyHave complete control of your appliances with the eWeLink app for your phone or tablet. Also each channel can be turned on/off individually. One switch for four devices, which means you will save more money on switches

Speak to ItWorks with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant to have them complete your commands. Simply say: “ Alexa, turn on the light”, and it will carry out

3 Work Modes You NeedThere are interlock, self-locking and inching mode inside, giving you more methods to turn on/off different devices. You can set some devices in inching mode, while the others in self-locking mode

Make A Slew of Scenes HappenIf you have owned smart appliances, the IFTTT function will bring you many advantages for smarter and more convenient control. When set an action to happen,the IFTTT service automatically triggers another separate action

Run at A Pre-set TimeAllow you to set a daily, weekly or monthly time limit for appliances and the switch will automatically turn on or off them at a particular time

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