Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor

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1,300 L.E


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Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor Description:

Mijia Electric Pump

Digital Tire Pressure Detection | Charged to Preset Pressure And Stop | Built-in Lithium Battery & Compatible With A Variety Of Nozzles

  • Digital Display
  • Detect Tire Pressure
  • Charged To Preset
  • Pressure And stopped
  • Small & Portable
  • Carry Conveniently
  • Powerful
  • Multi-purpose
  • Test Tire Pressure At Any Time To Avoid Emergencies
The temperature difference between the four seasons is large, and it is necessary to regularly check and adjust the tire pressure. Too low or too high a tire pressure can create a safety hazard. For example, the tire pressure caused by accidental tire running jogging is insufficient, and emergency inflation can help you get out of trouble.

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