Moshi Audio Splitter Cable - 7.1

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Share your music with a friend using the 7.1" Moshi 3.5mm Headphone Splitter. The splitter works with any 3.5mm audio jacks on smartphones, tablets, or laptop computers. It supports standard TRRS microphone-equipped headphones, allowing you to answer your phone if you get a call. The cable also works with headphones that have Apple's three-button digital volume control. Solid construction incorporates 24kt gold-plated connectors for resistance to corrosion and optimal audio signal transmission. Additionally, double shielding resists electromagnetic interference.
Ideal for sharing music, audio books or movies, Moshi's 3.5mm Audio Jack Splitter allows high quality audio to be passed to two separate headsets simultaneously. This adapter supports TRRS connections for full compatibility with headphones equipped with a microphone so you can still answer calls on the fly. The wires are double shielded with 24K gold plated end connectors to ensure high quality audio pass through without interference.
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